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Astonish Them with New Methods ...
... in Controlling.

For ABS®, controlling is a fully integrated sub-system of your company’s management system. Controlling is responsible for creating information conformance between management and execution, permanently and up-to-date. The core component of your modern controlling concept in ABS® is a decision oriented cost calculation.

With this integrated product cost accounting, ABS® provides secure statements about profit and contribution margin situation. ABS® supports you in taking business decisions and provides important information for the evaluation of stock, for pricing policies and for result planning.

The ABS® calculation covers the areas of preliminary, current and actual costing. The calculations can use standard calculations or individual calculation schemes. The calculation can be made based on direct costs or full costs, whatever your approach is.

With the use of the unique product configuration, ABS® automatically calculates the production costs of all customer specific variants in many areas. Extensive automation thus minimizes the amount of work that is necessary for more common procedures of price determination.

ABS® administrates different valuations in the item master, while overhead rates for materials, production, administration and sales are transferred from cost calculation. The system allows the use of overhead rates at various hierarchical levels - such as the entire company, plants and plant parts, cost centers or work stations.

Within the scope of a project the product cost accounting module is available for budgeting. It makes it possible to determine target specifications in the form of budget and budget limit. The comparison of actual values guarantees a permanent cost control during all phases of the project.