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Play your Trump card ...
... in logistics and in shipping.

A real-time inventory management is the overriding goal of a modern inventory control system - it is, after all, the basis of correct materials planning in your company and has a direct implication on liquidity and readiness to deliver. Here, as well as in the control of your distribution processes, ABS® supports you with high-performance modules.

Stock Management

ABS®' fully integrated stock management system checks all processes which cause a change in the stock situation. Every single transaction is recorded by volume and value in the stock journal and can be retrieved at any time in order to reconstruct the status of the stock.

In order to satisfy the various logistical demands of a manufacturing operation, ABS® offers a variety of options for efficiently guiding the flow of materials and value through the company. ABS® supports various stock organizations and stock strategies (lifo, fifo) and administrates serial numbers and charges.


In the receiving module, planned inward movements are handled, independently of whether they are from suppliers, production or quality control. The system utilizes ordered and already delivered quantities to determine expected delivery volume in order units and stock units. After recording delivered and accepted quantities, the user defines the appropriate booking destination of the delivered position. For deliveries that are not accepted, the function of return processing is available.

Goods Issue

In goods issue, withdrawals for customers and production orders are booked as they are suggested by the company’s stock transfer strategy. Depending on the administrative setup, documents such as delivery notes, picking lists or materials sampling slips can serve as records.


With the function of creating a ‘proposed delivery list’, ABS® offers a selection mechanism for the delivery of pending orders. The system takes such criteria as customer solvency or the entitlement to partial shipments into account. Based on the order, ABS® generates complete delivery notes, which can be complemented manually. Consignment lists, inventory withdrawal slips, and the shipment releases ensure a correct flow of materials and information.

The shipping administration, in which several delivery notes can be combined, serves to create the bill of lading. Automatic creation of all other shipping documents completes freight handling. ABS® supports such documents as railway, DPD and UPS labels as well as various material tags, bills of lading and customs documents.

Partial Shipments

Since, especially in plant construction, often only partial shipments are made, the order positions do not always match the delivery note positions. In order to illustrate this problem, ABS® refers back to the lowest routing level when generating shipment lists and contains only those parts of a customer order that are contained in the appropriate shipment order. The shipment list serves as a source for consignment of material and the actual shipment, for which packing lists, detailed packing lists and collation lists can be generated. Especially considering on-site assembly, these lists can be important aids.


Whether annual stock-taking, random checks or perpetual inventories has been chosen - ABS® covers the entire inventory spectrum. Variable selection options guarantee a well directed creation of inventory documents, where actual stocks are recorded and differences are booked. Inventory values can be evaluated according to selected criteria, and the inventory value at fiscal year end can be determined.

Stock Information System

With the integrated stock information system, ABS® allows a variable view of your current stock situation according to value or volume. Surplus materials becomes apparent as quickly as shortage. The stock information system is also capable of including already booked demands and orders into the listing.