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Take off in new directions ...
... in procurement.

Current market information is a condition for a good procurement marketing system. With its variable and extensive functions, ABS® lets you generate, collect and process this market information. And: standardized purchasing processes are handled quickly and reliably. this frees up valuable time for the processing of crucial purchasing processes.

Inquiries/Requests for Bids

ABS® accompanies the user through all stations and phases of procurement: from manual or generated creation of inquiries and requests for bids to offer monitoring all the way to pricing and delivery time maintenance. Once base data is entered, it becomes the foundation of automated order processing with ABS®, which automatically displays selected crucial procurement processes.

Order Monitoring

Aside from normal orders, ABS® can also process special orders such as contracts and call orders, commission or service orders, and customer provision requests. After the order is given to the supplier, it is monitored by ABS®. Delays of order confirmations and deliveries are automatically displayed based upon specific standards.

The final element in the purchasing process is the purchase invoice. In this process, ABS® compares the purchase invoice from the supplier with the data from the order and from receiving and points out any discrepancies. ABS® also supports the processing of progress payment invoices and unit billing. Invoice data is transferred directly to accounting. Due to its numerous interfaces, ABS® also supports the transfer of data to whatever software is used in controlling. When booking transactions relevant to import, ABS® automatically generates the necessary reports to the Federal Statistical Office and therefore reduces the administrative effort.

Supplier Information System

The Supplier Information system administers supplier data transparently and free of redundancies. The supplier profile is characterized by base data, supplier specific agreements and statistical briefs.

Purchasing Information System

ABS®’ integrated Purchasing Information System represents a simple and flexible tool for the transparent and graphic display of the purchasing situation. Variable selection enables the user to quickly recognize bottlenecks and initiate regulatory measures.