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Concentrate on the Essentials ...
... in Sales.

Your customer in the center - ABS® offers a variety of functions for sales that significantly expedite your working with and for the customer. When your customer decides to buy, he determines not only the product, but also the processes within your company.

Consistent and redundancy-free business transactions.

Already when recording customer queries, ABS® lays the foundation for all subsequent business transactions. From the first contact on, ABS® falls back to the customer's data and thus guarantees a redundancy-free database. While processing a quote you have the option of modifying data and adapting it to your customer's requirements.
Pricing takes place according to the user-defined process. In order to react quickly and effectively to a customer's price perception, ABS® creates a calculation directly in the quote referring back to available cost data. Delivery times are determined from production times defined in the base data. ABS® offers the option of checking the availability of products and components on-line.

As a result of ABS®' customer orientation, it also integrates an effective quote controlling system. Customer quotes are put into a hold file, according to their priority and rework dates.

ABS® can also create evaluations of the occasion of the quote, including contact history. If customers’ comments about accepted or rejected quotes (perhaps due to price, quality, delivery times) get recorded in ABS®, an early detection system regarding the customer's market position can be developed utilizing an appropriate statistical evaluation procedure.

All customer requirements defined in the quote (such as product specifications) are automatically transferred to the order. At that time, you have the option of modifying attributes as well as checking availability at the delivery date. Aside from the classical customer order, ABS® distinguish among a variety of order types, such as general agreements, call orders, borrowing position orders or service orders, as well as internal orders.

When an order has been accepted, ABS® initiates a number of processes to aid the optimal fulfillment of the customer's requirements. The processing status is transparent at every phase. Therefore, ABS® users are always in the position to answer queries about the status of an order.

ABS® supports invoicing as well. Independently of which billing plan was agreed upon (installment or upon completion), or whether invoicing is done from a accounting center the invoice data are transferred directly to general accounting. Furthermore, ABS® supports a number of other internal accounting functions via interfaces.

When booking transactions relevant to export, ABS® automatically generates export/import statistical reports for the Federal Statistical Office and thus minimizes the administrative work load of export orders.

Product Configuration in Sales

Especially when dealing with product variants or complex systems and products, it is the major task of sales department to clearly define the product by its typical product specifications. ABS®’ unique product configuration function offers the possibility of determining the resulting characteristics of the order. With these characteristics a sales parts list of any degree of detail can thus directly and automatically be generated.

Spare Parts Processing

ABS® supports the entire process of spare parts handling by automatically generating parts lists even for product variants or customized products. Parts lists can automatically be included in parts quotes and parts orders, whereby ABS® uses a separate pricing and offers a comfortable availability calculation.

Service Processing

ABS® handles repair orders and service orders consistently. It falls back to the histories of the machines or devices, it plans the deployment of the service technician and the use of vehicles, and allows an evaluation of the service activities according to invoice type (goodwill, warranty, billed) as well as according to service reasons.

Sales Plan

By generating sales plans, ABS® schedules the primary demand of product groups within a defined time period. On the basis of these projections, the throughput times of real orders can be accelerated.

Commission Calculation

The commission calculation for sales representatives and external agents takes place according to user specifications entered into ABS®.

Customer Information System

In the customer information system, ABS® administrates customer data transparently and redundancy free. Master data, customer specific agreements and brief statistics characterize the customer profile.

Sales Information System

With the integrated sales information system, ABS® supplies a flexible tool for a transparent and graphically visualized presentation of the sales situation. Variable selections enable the user to analyze and unerring interpret sales processes.