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Just see things differently ...
... in the ushop.

The Internet has the potential of becoming one of the most significant and most efficient sales channels of the future. The resulting changes offer your company brand new perspectives especially if you can also sell technologically complex products that require extensive explanation via the Internet. For this purpose, ABS® provides the ushop as a fully integrated shopping system, which was developed in close cooperation with ABS® users.

High Performance E-Commerce Platform

The ushop facilitates a simple search and ordering of the desired products and parts directly via the Internet. This guarantees quick and low-cost communication within the company. On the one hand, the buyer or a interested party can search for products using fixed terms. On the other hand, it is also possible to define attribute-related requirements of products or components while making an inquiry.

Integration ABS®

The ushop is directly connected to a ABS® database. Based on the attributes of the entry, it determines which product fulfills the customer’s requirements and then generates a variably priced list of hits that – should it be too extensive - can be limited by various parameters. Order data is directly integrated into the production processes.

Variably Complex Installation of Firewall - Systems

In the connection to the ABS® database, the shop operator can decide whether he wants to permit access to the production data base from the shop or whether he wants to replicate the contents of his data base for security reasons. In the replication, filtering options are available that determine which data can be accessed from the shop and which are to remain blocked. Another security advantage: ushop does not depend on any specific network topology, which allows a variably complex installation of firewall systems.

Corporate Design

The strict separation of function and design makes it possible to illustrate the standard user surface in the corporate design of the shop operator. ushop is based on Zope, the leading Open-Source Web-Applications-Server. Zope is platform independent and runs under Linux, Unix and Windows NT. Zope contains the complete infrastructure for the creation of an Internet appearance.

Multi-lingual User Guidance

The Internet is global, and so is the ushop: The multi-lingual user guidance guarantees communication with customers world wide.

The Process

The ushop lets your customers search and order the desired products and parts directly via the Internet. This guarantees quick and low-cost communication within your company. Thanks to the functional structure, the ushop offers your customers a simple and clear navigation.

1.  Login
By logging in through the log-in window with name and password, your customers have immediate access to the desired data.

2.  Search Mask
The search using various attributes lets your customer gain a quick overview of similar parts as well as a precise selection of a specific product.

3.  Parts List
The results of the inquiry are presented in the parts list. The customer can now enter the desired quantity. With another click he gets directly to the shopping basket.

4. Detailed View
When choosing a position, further details and appropriate graphics can be called up.

5.  Shopping Basket
Here all parts chosen by your customer are listed. This way, he can check his choices and, if necessary, change quantities or delete individual positions.

6. Order
Now there is nothing to stand in the way of an inquiry or order.